Key reasons why you should take Croatia cruise this year

Icon January 24, 2018
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Croatia cruise

Thinking about Croatia cruise? It is a great idea. With our cruises, you can’t make a mistake. The only thing you need to do is to choose just one. It’s not so easy as it seems but don’t worry.

First select what part of Croatia you want to explore – islands, Dalmatian coast, or maybe the southern part of Croatia?
The second step is to decide if you want to go on a thematic cruise – wine cruise, party cruise, naturist cruise, gay cruise, gourmet cruise, yoga cruise – we have it all! Explore a bit, and you will find many different special interest cruises.

Just decide if you want a one-way cruise or a return one. If you have enough time choose one way so you can enjoy more beautiful destinations. All departure cities are worth visiting – Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija… all pearls of Adriatic, beautiful and unique cities, rich in cultural heritage.


In every destination, you will have a possibility for different activities and excursions (depends on the time you spend in one place). You can have fascinating time, see attractive places, and try various things or just enjoy the Adriatic Sea and sun on beautiful beaches. One is sure; you won’t be bored on any of our Croatia cruises. Except visiting different locations, you will see inspirational scenes but also enjoy various onboard activities.

The most exciting thing about cruises in Croatia is the number of beautiful places you get to explore. You can find a family-friendly cruise, so you don’t
have to worry if you will have everything you need. There are several cruise ships – so you’ll find different shapes and sizes.

A great thing about cruising is when you choose to take one, you don’t need to arrange anything else  (hotels, transfers, tours…) –  you have everything set up.

Don’t wait – your Croatia cruise is few clicks away!